Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sweet candy

Candy eye sweet candy! The thought of myself walking through that door, that door of mystery. No matter how close or far your dreams are, you have to move one step at the time anyway, and those doors are always full of surprises, with something amazing waiting at the other side. 

Well, for as long as I could recall, my life had been an extreme roller coaster ride, life has totally played me along. I was trying so hard to control my life, but in the end, the universe always wins. I hold back so much, thinking about ways to make everything works and runs the way I want it to be, but well oh well, life's a bitch and we're their enemies. So buckle up and be ready for you might get on the most challenging ride afterall.

Top - by Sunny Dahye // Bag - Rebecca Minkoff // Shorts -  Mink Pink // Heels - Dolce Vita

Saturday, August 22, 2015

i get my ash yo!

Finally after a while I gather all my spirit, book an appointment for my hair! It's been a while since I don't do anything drastical to my hair, I mean like cutting them! So I came across this amazing newly opened Japanese Salon located at Jl. Senopati No.16 (Yes, just above my restaurant, ARASSEO) and it's called Ryoji Sakate Hair Lounge
A little history about Ryoji, He's born in Osaka, Japan and started his first career in Hairdressing in Japan. The path of opportunities kept on opening to him and he managed to spend a couple of years working in London and NYC. Those times were amazing, as he quoted, but then again he didn't want to stop just there, he saw a golden opportunity in Indonesia, on how women generally would love to spend a fortune in a hair salon to get their beauty treatments done! So here he came in November 2014 and tried to find a location, good workers, basically to set everything up from the ground.

Through all the hardwork, the sweat and the energy he poured into this project, Ryoji Sakate Hair Lounge is finally launched! I am very happy to be able to get my hair done by himself!
this stone weighs 300kgs!
Let me take you to a little private tour of the interior! He was inspired by NYC style industrial salon, and as you can see all the stones and bricks and pipes and the beautiful flow of the interior mesmerize you! Loving all the details, decors, from the lamp, chair to the shelves! He also created one unique chemical/coffee area in the corner where he also builds a storage behind it.

 And Yes, for the starters, here's my before and after!
I look damn lotsa more fresh and the color looks good too right?
Basically, Ryoji Cut my hair and give some highlights since I asked for ash color but I have too much red pigment in my hair, next thing is the whole hair color process!! I cut almost 20cm I believe, and what I love about the coloring process, it doesn't take ages! LOVE LOVE LOVE Thumbs up!
The super star, RYOJI! 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

my TRANS journey

Honestly speaking, I think I came out from Jakarta just in time for the amazing getaway. My head was flustered and full with negative thought and I knew I should have one amazing getaway. And here I am, back in Bali with my Childhood friend, Rafaela Tam. The two girls start the adventure right away! And yes, if you are asking me where I stayed, for the first two nights, we decided to spend the exciting days at The Trans Resort Bali located at Sunset Road, Seminyak. 

The smooth and fun journey turned out to be more fun that I thought. I got to meet my Youtube Crush, Sunny Dahye! She's one Korean living in Bali, a future Law graduate student and professional Beauty Youtuber! You all should check out her channel and be amazed!

Anyways, I really want to share you a bit about my traveling this time, basically, I will show you why you actually should consider Trans Resort Bali as one of your options for accommodation. 

At first, they have one of the best friendly services ever towards the customers, all of the staffs and friendly, they always smile and very attentive towards our needs, the Hotel and Resort themselves are very neat and clean. For every hotel room, they provide you with a Jacuzzi tub overlooking the pool and waterfall decoration! What's more? Their private villas spoil you with their pools and gazebo to chill at! 
private Jacuzzi outside the balcony for each of your room!
room view!

Now moving on to the FOOD!!!!!! Of course, as you may know The Restaurant is actually the name of the restaurant, pretty catchy huh? And for what I know, they open 24 hours and serve you amazing porridge and noodle late night, so for your party people, hangover or sober up food should be eaten here! The breakfast buffet is amazing, they have lots of varieties from Italian, Japenese, Western, Indonesian to Chinese, so all that you can imagine having in the morning would be there. 

can't get enough of the restaurant view!

Don't forget for they have theme Dinner every day, so make sure to check the specials of the day! Every Thursday your dinner will be really delightful for they present you with Balinese dance on the stage while you are having dinner by the pool with SEAFOOD specials. 

Last but not least, I would like to highlight their ROOFTOP bar called the 18th! It's not on 18th floor, I know, but basically it's the same one they have in Bandung Trans Hotel, and believe me, their cocktails are amazing and served in a special way! They use lots of dry ice and cute Ice balls with flavors, they also infused their own liquors and spirits! Try the Trans Upstairs and Corn Candy, bet you will fly fly so high!


So here it is, the end of my amazing Trans journey ;) Will be back soon!