Tuesday, September 2, 2014

stand strong

Tingling itsy bitsy words came across my mind. The weakling in me is trying to get out, I tried to be strong most of the time. The big barrier with thorn surface had been protecting my heart for the longest time. But people always manage to ruin it and pierce through my heart. It hurts for a while, then you realise a lot of things are there to treat and cure you. Through wounds you learn, through tears you grow, and now I am more than I was before. I'm turning into someone else, but it is still me. My mind and feeling grows, as fast as the time travels.

Had the most amazing chance to be one of Indonesia's bloggers to be onboard with Stylehaul network. In collaboration with Pantene, I managed to learn a lot! Thank you so much for the big project, and I am very honoured and proud to be part of this amazing trip.

Dress - H&M // Heels - Dolce Vita // Bag - Dorothy Perkins
Ana Victorino is here woohoo with Jessica Yamada!! Elle was sick, soo.....
 Amazing Beauty Vloggers from Thailand! Yuri and Nina

Best Sambal! Sambal NakNan

Well, i don't really post food into my blog, but today is an exception! meet this love of my tongue!! Sambal NakNan! So basically this sambal's spiciness has been tested and proved to be one of the spiciest chilli in the world! The secret ingredient for level 3 and 5 is Trinidad Scorpion Chilli! 

Have you ever experienced this nasty moment when you want to eat more because you are not satisfied with the taste of the food but you are hungry? Well, with sambal Naknan I can guarantee you will be full and happy! So no need to over-eat yourself with mediocre, instead of experiencing NYANGTE (kenyang bete), it's better to be happily full!

Founded by Two young men, they are now taking their business to the next level! They are proud to announce that you can found Sambel Naknan in Prima Fresh Market (jabodetabek), Fruit Market Grenville and Pluit! They are trying to get them closer to you, so stay tuned!

The price is very affordable:
Level 1&3 : IDR 24k
Level 5 : IDR 30k
50pcs Sachets (Level 3 only) : IDR 58k ---> Nice Deal!

Free 10 Sachets for ever purchase of 12 Bottles Chilli or 12 Sachet packages (you can mix them up). Free Delivery!
Discount 10% for every 6 Bottles or Sachet Packages

SMS / call : 0817 896 286
PIN BB: 73D86A95
Whatsapp : 0812 119 0006
IG: @sambal_naknan

Friday, August 29, 2014

bride to be

Marriage. One fine thing, one sacred thing, one unity, two souls those are tied together under a spell. So much Bridestory is there to be told. From wedding decoration, wedding dresses, wedding venue, flowers, gifts, ceremony, celebration, all of the beautiful things you wish you could have. I am that one girl who value the sincerity, the gut to stay with one partner for the rest of your life. It is a big step but I wish I could be the one happy bride and find my one anytime soon. 

This outfit of mine today really takes my heart and mind to those moments when I think of a perfect wedding. Favorite songs played, your beautiful close friends are all around, adrenaline rush for being happy, standing on the aisle and be the center of attention.