Saturday, November 1, 2014

Mazda Fashion Street 2014


So here is yesterday's Mazda Fashion Street 2014 at Senayan City's RECAP! Basically me and a couple of my blogger friends were there to witness the goodness of Street Fashion taken Literally on the street.

The fashion parade starts from Portico bar and restaurant to the street of Asia Afrika, yes, they took it to the next level by having the show on the crossing road. A couple of police and security guards to guard the whole street, well, when the show began, they have to block the whole street in front of Senayan City for a couple of moments.

There were 7 Young Local Designers involved in the fashion show,

JII by Gloria Agatha

Mazda Fashion Street 2014 is a street fashion show before JFW 2015 to promote Mazda on JFW 2015 and The All New Mazda2 with SKYACTIV. There will be a Photo Competition as well from 1st to 7th November presented by Mazda. They set up a booth inside Senayan City (in front of Mango) where everyone can take photos of the models (scheduled on 1PM, 4PM, 7PM everyday) or take a fabulous OOTD with The All New Mazda2 SKYACTIV and upload it on Instagram mention @MazdaMotorID, Twitter mention @Mazda2_ID or Path (connect it to Twitter) using the official hashtag: #MazdaFashionStreet, official website: and relevant caption  

On 6th November later, Mazda will also present a show in collaboration with ALEX [A]LEXA, HARTONO GAN, HUNTING FIELDS PRESENTS YOUNG and VIBRANT Fashion Show!

So why not spare your time for the madness!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014



Pleonexia is a word super rarely used, originated in Greek. It roughly corresponds to greed or covetousness. We live in a world full of people wearing masks. Some people wear it comfortably, like me, or some people just don't know how to use their masks the right way, resulting in obviousness. 

As we are living inside big evolving community, others learn how to survive and protect themselves by all their doings. Therefore, masks are often use to hide our feelings, so we don't get hurt. We fake things all the time, you lie to people so they don't get mad, those are just life beautiful progress. It is sinful, I believe, yes, in every point of view, deceiving is a negative gesture, but then again, if you don't try your best to keep your guard on, the nature of universe will harm you in a slightest chance exists. 

I used to believe in people's innocence, but not anymore. Now I know how people can do anything they can to get what they want. Like a non-stop crying babies, they will not stop until their needs are fulfilled. We are born this way, so why cover it up. Forgive and Forget, that is my best remedy to get rid of the wounds. Trying to carve my best mask, so I look naturally suitable for it. Sorry people, I may not a human with best personality, I do value honesty and loyalty, but then the world had harshly shaped me into someone I wish i were never was. Don't get me wrong, I will do tons of goodwill, but for those who ruin me, just always beware of what might follow you right behind. 


And now say hello to my Monochrome Outfit!
Red lips are just my companion to this jungled, perplexed world!
Like a Rose Gold I would shine!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

as we know it

The world as we know it

filled with leisure and hard work
filled with joy and sadness
filled with satisfaction and disappointment
filled with love and hatred
filled with smile and cry

nothing is perfect, nothing is flawless, but through the cracks, the holes, the imperfection we learn. how to be a better person. me right now is on the finding and learning phase, which is not an effortless gesture. i fell to mistakes, i stumble upon struggles, obstacles those i thought i could never pass. but then again, i am hereby standing tall, denying myself, fooling myself. 

through my smile i cry
through my harsh words i survive
i am someone that has been through a lot.
the one with many wounds and scars.
my mind is shattered to pieces so many times.
my heart was stabbed til i wanted to just stop living.

I feel like wearing Shades to cover my eyes from seeing the world.
I feel like wearing Boots so i feel safe stepping on mud.
I feel like wearing Mini bag so people won't be able to guess what i was holding.

but thank God and all the people who keep on staying by my side, so i can have something to lean on. like a strong tree they protect me. thank you.