Friday, November 14, 2014

Clozette ID


Hey Dear my fellow readers, I am hereby to tell you how I am so proud to be chosen as Clozette's Blogger Ambassador! Basically, Clozette Indonesia is your Fashion and Beauty Social Network. Basically, everything is there for you to explore and enjoy. In a chic and cool way they have proved their existence through their achievements!

by the way,
don't forget to sign up too and I will ensure you won't be disappointed

There are a couple of things you can actually do with Clozette are:

1. BROWSE and be UPDATED with latest BEAUTY and FASHION trends! Clozette will review a lot about what's hot these days and you will be ensured to receive great informations and insights on what is happening!

2. SHARE your personal style. When you have no other medium to share your style and beauty tips, Clozette could be your bestfriend! Sharing with other users, get feedbacks and comments on other people! Isn't it fun?

3. SHOP SHOP SHOP! Of course we all love to shop, and here in Clozette, you can perk yourself with amazing varieties of clothes! Giving you the privileges to shop in a quick and easy way with Clozette online shopping system.

And don't forget, it's not finished yet, with Clozette, you will be given a lot of opportunities to join their Contests or Quizzes! Right now they have two big events which are:

Clozette Peduli Lewat Selfie
in which a great charity and support is given to people with Breast Cancer, simply upload your selfie with anything Pink to Clozette and that means you are contributing IDR5k for charity.

Social Beat Race
Win amazing prizes by being an active user!

TOFU dessert hut, Healthy yet Delicious


So yesterday I visited Tofu's new outlet in Supermall Karawaci, the outlet is located right across Sushi Tei on level 2. Easy to find!

Originated from a small town in Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat, TOFU dessert hut expands to the very heart of Indonesia Capital. They strive to provide Healthy yet Delicious soya dessert in the neighbourhood. Right now in Jakarta, they have 2 outlets : Kemanggisan and Karawaci. So make sure you try em quick!

Basically all the products are manufactured in Jakarta, fresh everyday! Every product contains Soya Bean, therefore it is very healthy and super good for people who want to do diet yet eating delicious food! Soya bean is a natural substance which is rich in healthy protein. TOFU's desserts are also free of caffeine and trans-fat which are known to cause adverse effects on human body.

In the midst of your hectic life, whether working in office, studying at school or any other activities, I recommend you TOFU lovers to always have a balanced meal and nutrition.

They do have Traditional Bean Curd, Jelly Bean Curd, Soya Ice Cream, Tofu Snow Ice, Soya Milk, Soya Juice, Pudding, Tofu Tart, Soya Ice Cream, etc with very affordable price! So why wait?

This is one of my faces! Tofu Green Tea Pudding with blueberry sauce on top! So goooddddd!!
 One very good thing, they are doing delivery service too! If you ever have Tofu dessert craving, just pick up your phone and dial right to the delivery service hotline number below!
The tofu tart is da bomb too!

Jl. Kemanggisan Ilir Raya No. 26D, Jakarta Barat
Supermall Karawaci, UGF Unit 36C

Jakarta - 081320111201

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

i am ready

Family. It is one precious core of your life. By nature you are born into a family you are supposed to finish your last breath with. I was a really innocent girl, yes i was that judgmental girl who was naive. as time passed by, i just notice things have changed. I have eating disorder, I lied so much my parents just won't believe me, for what I do, they keep their theory about me. well yes, I am a very bad daughter and kid now, if i could live by myself, i would. if i could die as soon as possible I would. for the reason that i am just so tired of living in a place where even my parents wouldn't believe me.

as far as i know no one would even care to read this, but i just needed to load all my feelings to these words and let myself be freed. oh God. please help me. rescue me from the darkest pit of my life. let me out of here. to heaven or hell, i am ready.