Wednesday, September 17, 2014

black wedding

and so I just realised something, has it ever occurred to you to have a black wedding? As a couple of days ago, we all witnessed one of the most romantic proposal by Glen Alinskie, I started to think about marriage and wedding. Black should be on the list of everyone's wedding! Why not stand out? Why should we keep white the basic colors to any wedding dresses? Can't it be other colors too? Who set white as wedding mood? 

Dress - For Love & Lemons // Shoes - Derek Lam // Bag - Charles & Keith

Friday, September 12, 2014

Twerking Russia

Found this cute Russian hat in my Souvenirs' Shelf at home! Decided to wore it with "TWERK IT because you can"  Crop Top!! Yeyyyyy! looking good!

Not too much story to be told these days, life's been good and bad, but that's how we are supposed to find the peace and balance through our mind and heart. Don't let go of things you cherish for, don't let go of anger you don't mean to unleash. Take a deep breath and just be free!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

mood booster

I had an appendicitis surgery a couple of days ago, and yes, it was so painful, even until now. The excruciating sensation everytime you move, you talk, you laugh, and not to mention when you cough or sneeze, you feel like the stomach is tearing apart. It hurts so bad to the point that i was a perfect cry baby. I cried unintentionally over thick injection and accidental touches. walking feel like being stabbed. But then, I got this package from Philippines, the heels they gave me were so pretty for a moment i forgot all the pain! It's called Figliarina!! Check them out since they are coming to Indonesia for a couple of days in September :)

I am such a shoes person, especially platform heels!!! they help me so much to make me look taller, but sometimes when you are tired, it is so good to wear comfortable sandals or even sneakers! have a great Sunday peeps. I love you! xx

By the way, I found this really great APP! It's actually Shopbop's mobile application! Make sure you check em out so you can shop freely! :)