Wednesday, January 21, 2015



It has been a couple of months since I joined Clozette Community as their ambassador and I am still loving it til the last drop and details! As for today I want to share a little part of Clozette that is amazing, and it's SOCIALBEATS program!

So what is Social Beats? Basically it's a new feature by to show how ACTIVE we are in our Indonesia Clozette Community. And you know what? The points will be accumulated as long as you do the followings:

So what are you waiting for! The more active you are, the bigger the points and the closer you are towards the amazing surprises await behind the race!

Then again, there are some Terms and Conditions that you need to know!

- There is no maximum limit for SOCIALBEATS points that you can earn everyday
- Your SOCIALBEATS points will be refreshed per hour
- The feature was launched on 12th August 2014
- As for appreciation, for Indonesian Clozette members those had filled up their virtual closet before 1st August 2014 will get 10 extra Points! If your Virtual Closet is empty, the extra points don't apply

so come and enjoy the feast babes! follow me!

Monday, January 19, 2015

what is life

what is life.
what life is
 the essence of purity and imperfection
it is so funny how people grow up, from that mindless and innocent motion towards that endless encounters with sins. what is wrong and what is right, what is the core of life? no one really knows. people tend to believe religion is the only one way to lead and guide your life, some people tend to believe in themselves, themselves who rule their life. some people just give in, surrender to the nature and accept whatever the field and air offer them. which type of human being are you?

as you grow older and wiser, you would really question yourself, having yourself dangling and mingling with your sanity, have done the finest combat with the world?

today is black top and floral bottom kinda day.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

white me out

Feel like having all white kinda day!

I've been crazy about white pants! and here I got the list from shopbop! shop my style!