Tuesday, November 24, 2015

i can not go back

One step, two steps, three steps, and all the steps we take are irreversible, you can always walk backwards, but the steps are still different, meaning you can't really go back after you do something. That is where we are supposed to be careful, everything in life is irreversible, so we better think twice and be smart about what we want or not want to do.

Do not let anyone defines you, do not let any number defines you.

Love you the way you are and when you start loving yourself, you can now start loving others.


And so I just had a little getaway last Thursday till Saturday to the city of awesomeness, Singapore. I feel happy and grateful that Singapore's condition has got better, the hazy sky is almost gone thanks to the rain that poured cats and dogs, we have clearer sky.

Then again, I was so excited to visit the country of Merlion and had my very first chance to visit the Trick Eye Museum Singapore that is located inside Sentosa Island, just next to the Universal Studio. I heard that they just added a couple of new attractions, from interactive ones to the classic trick eye booths! I was so awed by how fun it was!
By far, my favorite snap! Me with a pegasus, if you know me well, you would know that I actually enjoy fairytales and all the mythical creatures stories! That is the reason why I was so overwhelmed with joy when I saw the fairytale collections! Besides pegasus, they also have cute ones like mad hatter from Alice in the Wonderland, Fairies and more! Please please do VISIT!!
 The pictures below would be just me doing silly things, and yes I went here with my mom and she was a big help, since I almost wanted to take picture at all spots! LOL! She's patient enough to accompany me, which I love her for that.

They do have a couple of Floating attractions!
And these are the things those I do with my mum! Lol, oh yeah! She actually went to the one in Hong Kong, but she told me a couple of the attractions aren't there in Hong Kong, therefore she too enjoyed the whole visit. It was fun one day although it was raining. 
my fave shot with mum
 So far, I really recommend you to come for a visit and enjoy the attractions available! By the way, me and Trick Eye Museum SG is giving away tickets, flight and accommodation to Singapore so you can try out the museum and some chances to get the tickets for free.

So in total, there will be 6 winners, 1 lucky winner will get a pair of flight tickets plus ticket admissions and 5 others will win a pair of admission tickets to museum!


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Thursday, November 19, 2015

show your asian beauty

Dear my beloved readers, I would like to let you know that Clozette ID is having this contest with PIXY BB Cream and you can join in order to win a free trip to TOKYO! WOOT WOOT! Isn't it amazing?

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Meanwhile, don't forget to check my profile and follow my life updates in Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle!