Saturday, April 19, 2014


the art of brain working on it's own, influenced by feeling and logic, like a strand of hair flying free from top of a building, wondering around without any destination, letting the world and nature bring you to a surprising ending. you might end up falling on the ground, on a waterfall, on a fountain or any other places you could have imagined. the mystification of how people live to die or vice versa, the befuddlement of how people act the way the do, like a mystery itself, it can't be unveiled. too complex and perplexed, yes they are.

on this good Holy Week for us God's believer, I am grateful for I was born in to a loving family and have a wonderful siblings to stay by my side without taking side. Bless all the people around the world, the ones who can't enjoy the life's bestest, I hope peace be with them and all of us.

Here is my second look featuring Dorothy Perkins Indonesia, I'm wearing that maxi skirt and mini bag! by the way, the top i am wearing is actually a dress! completing my spring summer look the way i love it!

Skirt and bag - Dorothy Perkins // stripe dress - GAP // shoes - Shoe Corner

Thursday, April 10, 2014

i breath stripes

Today I had an amazing time with Dorothy Perkins Indonesia! They had an amazing SS14 collection preview with 10 Style Essentials items which are :

It was an amazing experience where I could see all the collections and met my fellow bloggers such as Olivia Lazuardy, Wynne Prasetyo, Bethanny Putri, Mitha Komala, Christinawati Novia!

I got some privilege to shop with Dorothy Perkins, and finally I will post another outfit post after 1 month of hiatus. *mind my laziness*

Dress and Clutch - Dorothy Perkins // Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell // Hat - Zara

Monday, March 3, 2014

fit black

Been working out a lot thesr days and i see some result going in! After the massive weight gain over one year, i finally begin to cut the scale down!!!!

Dress - Zara / heels - jeffrey campbell / necklace - mimco / bracelet - hermez / clutch - next