Thursday, March 1, 2012

IFW 2012 Day 2 - PAC presents The Fashion Painter Parade

Here in this show which was presented by PAC was about 4 gorgeous designers. They are Rudy Chandra, Sofie, Jeanny Ang, and Barli Asmara. The show was opened by 4 great Make Up artists with each model who wore the outfit from 4 designers! <3

the MUA!
1. Rudy Chandra

Playing with oriental look, touch of neon, flower headpiece, but what really captivated me was the shoes! can you imagine walking on those neon babies? I'd love to put them in my shoe rack. like all of them! <3 in love! major love! for the collection itself, I'm not that ethnic or oriental person, I like the idea that he was using han bok as his inspiration, but i'm just saying it's not that wearable. the vibrant color were a little bit too much too! 

2. Sofie

Another ethnic x oriental look! Sofie managed to add a little modernism in the design. playful color with a touch of dark colors, certainly amazing! he was listed as one of Yvan Rodic's fave designers tho! so everyone, watch him!

3. Jeanny Ang

Glam ruffles dress, balloon skirt, chiffon, tulle, flowers, bead. I love all the pretty dresses, if only they were a bit more special, I'd love them even more. These dresses aren't really showing their best look. Jeanny could've done more and more! But, I love the idea of using ruffles pattern, giving the dresses more volume! loving the ocean blue too <3

4. Barli Asmara

There you go! Barli Asmara with his Black, White and Red collection. Looking good in strong design. Simple, playing with spectrums, line and colors. I'm a bit disappointed with this collection, but I know he has always been designing great pieces! way to go!