Friday, November 30, 2012

inspired by luce!

5AM in the morning i got this random red rose from a stranger saying "Cause you're beautiful.
well life's full of surprises! embrace it <3 p="p">

first post with me feat. INSPIRED BY LUCE by Claradevi <3 across="across" always="always" and="and" angel="angel" beautiful="beautiful" been="been" before="before" creation="creation" her="her" here="here" my="my" name="name" named="named" of="of" one="one" p="p" package="package" s="s" sending="sending" she="she" the="the">


g.ta said...

cute and pretty head band!! =`)


Gabriella Olivia said...

headband sm shortsnya lucu banget ci michelle <333

Alita Claudia said...

I adore your shortsss! <3

Indri Tanny said...

adore the outwear.. sayang headbandnya ga trlalu nampak yah :(



Always love those wedges

Alviana Kalin said...

such a cute experience with the rose! lovely headband <3


Calita Hin said...

i love your shorts! <3

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

So cute ci! Love the addition of the floral headpiece :) xx

Mitha Komala said...

love the shorts! and omg the headband suits you well xx

Letters To Juliet

Verna Abril said...

the shoes are sick! I bet those are hard to walk in

Tiffany Veronica said...

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Miss Aa said...

well you do look beautiful btw
and love ur shorts :)

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warmest regards,
Miss Aa

Michelle Melody said...

OMG, so beautiful! xx


Olya Baileys - fashion courage said...

very cool style!I like it!^)
best wishes from Ukraine!