Tuesday, February 5, 2013

the heat

There in life you find the heat. There in the midst of injustice you find the heat, you were burnt to pain but you kept on going forward, trying to stick the justice flag in the middle of the war. is that even possible? 

what is justice when people are recklessly judgmental.

what are our options to be the righteous person? you would never be one for everyone exists, because pre-assumptions still exist. like parasite in your vein, you will be consumed. like me, someone who really care about what people say, slowly dies. whenever you hear your friend don't trust you, doubt you and then hate you, you will do nothing but to grieve. or another result would be you'll become a stronger person, independent in all the way you do. you need no other people to make you feel better since you are the only one counts.

wake up people. wake up.

photographed by : MICHAEL DYLAN


Ruby and Rosa said...

wake up people. :)
yeah we don't need to completely hear what they say.
it just scary you more and make completely tired. :(

anyway, beautiful photographs ❤

Mitha Komala said...

you always look stunning in every photos! beautiful words xx

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Sesilia Anastasia said...

love the photos, so creative :)


Wulan Wu said...

inspiring words!
and you look cool in every photos babe!

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The Fierce Berry said...

you look great! awesome photos :D

Vania Aprilia said...

the photos are stunning but really. people should stop judging other people recklessly

Pudding Monster

juventine wu said...

great pictures! you look so cool and i love the makeup on you! xx


Sunny Sunartiyo said...

you look stunning and edgy!
and I'm totally agree with those words.


Angela Jessyana said...

nice words and photos! I love your chanel tattoo :D

Lizelisabeth said...

whoa, loving your wrist tattoo! Def need to see more of your outfit photos..! ;)

Hugs and kiss kiss,

Michelle Melody said...

ah i love your words! so pretty and amazing <3
love the shots btw :)


Karina Novia said...

Always love your writings ci! <3


Eva Silviana said...

I love monochrome and you photos more <3

crunchy cheese me

Nadya Joy Soetanto said...

i like your edgy makeup :)

Sweetmona said...

so cute!