Eyes on me

Greetings, fellows This is me. Call me Michelle Hendra, I'm just another wanderer in this world. Trying to look for perfection, begging for awesomeness. I am such a big spender. I write anything I want to write, cause it's my passion. I know myself more than anyone else, so nobody should judge me. I hate those judgmental people, naive and full of fakes. I do mistakes, but everyone does, so stop trying to be the perfect ones.

Starting out this blog when i was young. It's been awhile that I write. Used to be a cynical writer, now I transform into one sweet delicate writer. Good to know that you can taste the honey-sweet even my bitter-sad story just by reading my story word by word.
 I'm a sucker for heels and I don't need friends like diamonds to make me feel good. And I still can't believe that people call me fashionable these days. There're a lot more people out there who stand out, they outshine me. but why? Why is it me that people compliment and praise? Not being an arrogant or naive person, but this is truly who I am. I never feel that good. But, because of you I do have the guts and courage to post things. You all make me keep coming back for more.

i love you, dear readers.