Sponsor me?

For those who wish to have any advertising spot on my page tab, don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail 


I do have rules regarding advertising opportunities. Don't worry, the price is not expensive and I do receive payments via paypal. Bulk months advertising also available for those who wish to have more than 1 month advertising spot on my page. Price is vary and payments can be done by installments.

Such advertising is included :

1. Links in posts : $50
2. Images : $50
3. Reviews : negotiable
4. Discounts

ads in my sidebar are varies, from $60-160 per month and packages!
3 months : $150 - $ 395
6 months : $300 - $800
12 months : $600 - $1200

Paying minimum amount allows you to have just banner, and when you get your maximum amount of the package, that allows you to get all the good stuffs like twitter mention, facebook and blog posts too! Not to forget things like instagram and path, all will be supported!

you can also sponsor me by sending the items to me.