Spot me somewhere?

I'm trying to find all the magazines and sources. i was in some issues of which i can't really put one by one, i was top 100 of Sunsilk Queenbee Competition as well *yippie yeyy*. but here are the ones i have ;) enjoy.

 teofenny's blog as 10 most gorgeous hair! <3 thanks!
another facehunter! <3

 Indonesian Fashion Week blog Day 3
 Indonesian Fashion Week 2012 Blog Day 2
aneka magazine jan 2012
interview at blogger of the month August 2011
cosmogirl august 2011
LOOKS magazine April 2011 - Readerstyle Issue

OZIP Magazine April 2011, cover page

Teen Vogue Best dressed reader of the Day!

My quote - alohomora! tumblr

Front Page of - the Cross to Bear issue

front cover of - Nerdy Glasses Issue

Fashionista of the Day -

Aneka YES! Magazine September 2010

B'Girl Magazine September 2010

DRESSCODE Magazine, Street style issue October 2009

Fabsugar look of the day!

Drawing by The Sydney Girl '09

GoGirl! website : before after issue

russian website, full review

GoGirl! Magazine September 2009
B'Girl - April 2010 - Steet Style

B'girl - March 2010 - Styletopia